Monday, September 10, 2007

An Appeal from Ramsey Clark

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An Appeal from Ramsey Clark

ImpeachBush volunteer_250
A volunteer prepares ImpeachBush signs for this Saturday's March on Washington.
Former U.S. Attorney General has written a major statement to ImpeachBush members and supporters on the eve of the September 15 Peace/Impeachment March on Washington DC. Below is an excerpt from the statement, which can be read in its entirety by clicking the link at the bottom of the email.

Dear Ms. Latina,
Impeachment and conviction are the only way to prevent further aggressions by Bush. It will tell his successors that the President of the United States and the officials who serve with him are not above the law and that where the people are vigilant, they will be held accountable. This message is imperative now.
The largest possible turnout at the demonstration in Washington on September 15 is an essential part of the struggle. Major demonstrations have temporarily stayed the hand or altered the course of the government time and time again. Remember the Civil Rights rally in front of the Lincoln Memorial in 1963 where Dr. King described his dream, or the March on the Pentagon in October 1967 that was the turning point for public opinion toward opposition to the War in Vietnam.
President Bush has unlimited resources with which to confuse, mislead, divert, deceive and overcome the real interests and will of the people. The disadvantage at which we work is revealed by the mere $15 million a handful of his former Ambassadors (all rich, including a multi-billionaire named the third-richest American) have contributed for TV ads in the weeks before September 15 to support a continued Surge in Iraq.
But organized, the power of the people is Supreme. For $150,000—only one hundredth of what was spent on this single TV Campaign supporting the U.S. occupation of Iraq—we can place ads in newspapers across the country calling for impeachment of the Bush cabal that will reach millions who rarely hear the word, and may ignite a movement that can finally overcome.
There are just over 950,000 persons who have voted to Impeach George Bush, Dick Cheney and others on the website. It would be wonderful to be able to announce that One Million have signed on at the September 15 rally. Individual efforts and newspaper ads in the next week could do it. I hope you can lend a hand in this effort.
Will you help us raise these funds and persevere in the struggle to liberate America from its militarism to become a friend of humanity and champion of peace?

Ramsey Clark

To read the full message from Ramsey Clark click this link.

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